Rainy Day Guarantee Makes a Splash at Fife Zoo

A new ‘rainy day guarantee’ has been launched by Fife Zoo after a very wet start to the Scottish summer
holiday season. Days of torrential downpours have led to the zoo having to lend umbrellas to
guests caught in the rain when visiting the zoo.

We are currently expanding as part of their ten-year masterplan with guests flocking to the zoo to
see new animal arrivals including baby Red-Footed Tortoises, African Hornbills and Pythons. To ensure
that visitors get the very best chance to see all the new arrivals at the zoo, the zoo is allowing a free
return visit for guests who have their day at the zoo interrupted by rain showers. Any visitors who have
pre-booked tickets in advance can simply transfer their ticket to another visit date by calling the zoo.
Those visitors who are caught in bad weather whilst at the zoo can also visit customer services to claim
their free return visit ticket.

Mike said “In the build-up to the summer holidays, we’ve been contacted on social media by hundreds of guests excited to see the new developments taking shape and visit those new animals which have already arrived at the zoo including our baby tortoises. The first two weeks of the summer holidays have been hit with particularly bad weather. We are launching a new scheme from 13th July whereby if guests have their visit affected by rain showers, we’ll give them a complementary return ticket to the zoo so that they can come back and see the animals in better weather.”

You can pre-book your tickets here.

Terms & Conditions apply. Free return visit mist be redeemed by 30th September 2023.