Who Are We?

We are a small, local zoo in Fife with a mission to promote the conservation of biodiversity through education, research and our own passion for the natural world.
We currently have around 15 species, and are constantly developing the site.
We run meet the keeper and animal handling opportunities throughout the day.
Our restaurant, shop and play park is open everyday.
Be a part of our journey as we develop and grow.

Before booking please read our Important Info (FAQs) page


With around 15 different species, Fife Zoo is a fantastic place to go nose-to-nose with with some incredible wildlife!


We can’t wait to see you at Fife Zoo. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our agoutis, armadillos, lemurs and many more exotic and endangered species.



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  • Yes it’s very small, but we knew that going in. We saw a dozen different animals through the park and the animals in the gift shop. The zookeeper with the ball python was a nice surprise. My kids weren’t disappointed thankfully and they want to come back for wee day out!

    Stewart Sutherland
  • Lovely wee place. It's had a run of bad luck lately and need our support to grow. We left a donation today, and I'd urge others to do the same. I wish you all success.

    Don Dan Maciver
  • Fair enough the Zoo is small but it has lots of potential and you need to support local places. Shame the soft play is no longer as it was a fab place for kids. Kids enjoyed it and left happy!

    Louise Walker
  • Second time in two weeks visiting Fife zoo with our grandchildren. It's a small zoo, but the price reflects this and the interactions we've had both times have been priceless! We also had a lovely surprise, a keeper came out with a beautiful corn snake, giving us some great facts and an opportunity to hold him. The happiness of that experience was worth the entry fee itself!

    Caroline Kyle
  • My husband and I visited Fife Zoo for the first time. We had a fantastic time! The zoo may be small at the moment, but the décor is lovely, authentic and natural. The animals look well-cared for, lively and healthy. We spoke to a very friendly and knowledgeable lady who told us all kinds of interested things about the 'coatis' and who brought out some creepy but interesting cockroaches for us to see, and feel! She made our visit even more special. We will definitely be back.

    Yvonne Saunders
  • What a great little place. The Africafe is great, serving brilliant pizzas when we visited. The staff are really friendly and happy to help. They had a demonstration of a corn snake at 1pm the day we visited but it can vary day to day. There's lots of work going to to bring the site back to fully open with the bird house hopefully coming back soon!

    Jamie Gregory


GO behind the scenes at Fife Zoo! Our Animal Encounters allow you to go nose-to-nose with our lemurs, zebras or our meerkats and porcupines!


Book tickets to visit the zoo. Just select the date and the number of Adult and Child tickets you would like purchase. Children under one are free!


Do you, or someone you know, love animals? Choose from a range of animals to adopt and also receive some extra goodies from us as a Thank You! We really appreciate your support!