You’ll learn something new every time you visit Fife Zoo!

 We are currently developing a multi-purpose education building for people of all ages, from nursery to university.

Our bespoke classrooms and meeting space will support our education department to deliver workshops and education programmes available to everybody, from everything on biology and environmental science to sustainability and Fairtrade.

The Discovery Rooms will also be available to book out for green meeting space, or for Super Sloth Play Parties.

Curriculum for Excellence

Education is one of the core objectives of Fife Zoo. We offer various educational programmes for teachers wishing to visit the zoo, including a lesson for before your visit, a workshop at the zoo and a lesson you can do as a follow up. These programmes tie in to the Experiences and Outcomes within the Curriculum for Excellence and are a great way to provide children with an active learning experience.

Learning outside of the classroom

Learning at Fife Zoo will be a bit different! Once the Zoo is open, we aim to become members of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

With the LOtC Quality Badge, Fife Zoo will be recognised as meeting school’s learning needs and risk management requirements.

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