Baby swamp monkey born at Fife Zoo this weekend!

We’re celebrating after a rare De Brazza monkey was born over the weekend.

New parents, Nut and Dusty, arrived at the zoo in 2019 as part of a European-wide initiative to safeguard the species from extinction.

In the wild, De Brazza monkeys are usually found in swamp forests throughout central Africa, with local
residents referring to the species as ‘the swamp monkey.’ De Brazza monkeys usually live in groups consisting of a dominant adult pair and their offspring. Due to illegal smuggling and deforestation, the number of De Brazza monkeys found in the wild is thought to be on the decline.

The new swamp monkey baby at Fife Zoo joins sister Zuri who was born at the zoo in 2021. Mike said, “We’re ecstatic to have a baby De Brazza monkey born at the zoo. Our breeding pair of De Brazzas are incredibly significant to the European breeding programme as they are one of only ten breeding pairs in captivity throughout the continent.”

“The new arrival was born just as the zoo was closing on Saturday evening and we’re delighted that mum and baby are doing well. De Brazza monkeys live in family groups and both the new arrival’s older sister and father are showing a real interest in the baby.”