Fife Zoo Monkey Rescue

Fife Zoo rescue monkeys from Scottish pet trade.

The New Arc animal charity based in Aberdeenshire, are more familiar with rescuing domestic animals. They were left appalled to find the trio of monkeys living in a parrot cage providing inadequate space, heating and behavioural enrichment. Upon being contacted, we agreed to provide a new home to the animals and worked quickly to create a purpose-built enclosure for the marmoset family.

Marmosets Mama, Mila and Mycroft are all related, with mum Mama having Mila and Mycroft in
separate litters. It is believed that at one time, as many as six marmosets were kept in their
horrendous parrot cage living quarters. Following a period of rehabilitation at the zoo, the
monkeys are now on display. Despite the their unfortunate start to life, they now have access to a brand-new enclosure featuring specially selected plants, climbing branches and hiding spaces. The family also have access to a heated ‘off-show’ area. This provides the monkeys, which are more familiar with the heat of Brazil, with some respite from the Scottish weather.

Our zookeeper team also provide the trio with daily enrichment to keep their minds stimulated and to encourage them to display natural behaviours which the species would normally display in the wild.

Common Marmosets are native to the forests of north-eastern Brazil, but have been introduced
into many areas outside of their natural range. Common Marmosets usually live in stable family units with an average size of 8-10 individuals. Each group usually contains only one breeding pair consisting of the highest-ranking male and female.

Mike said “The three marmosets have had a terrible start to life and were rescued from horrendous conditions. Primates such as marmosets do not make good pets and require specialist care to maintain their overall health and well-being.”

“When we received the call from The New Arc, we were keen to offer our support and it was
fortunate that we had the facilities available to provide the marmosets with a new home. The
marmosets have a forever home here at the zoo”.