Fife Zoo Expansion Project Underway

A long-awaited expansion project at Fife Zoo has finally commenced with contractors arriving on
site to begin building works which will eventually double the footprint of the existing zoo site. We had intended to start work in 2019, but a string of setbacks (including the coronavirus pandemic) stalled the work.

As part of our master plan, we’re adding animals such as tamarins, fossa and wallabies to
the zoo. The first animals set to go on display this summer are a pair of critically endangered Alaotran Gentle Lemurs from Bristol Zoo. We have already added to the number of exotic birds in our African walk-through aviary, with a lilac-breasted roller and blacksmith plover arriving from Birdland in the Cotswolds.

We’ve been working on the new development with world renowned consultant, Dr. Matt Hartley who has experience of working at large zoos such as Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Edinburgh Zoo. In recent years, Dr. Hartley’s zoological consultancy company, Zoo and Wildlife Solutions, has even worked on new enclosures for Giant Pandas and Giraffes at Edinburgh Zoo.

Mike said, “The project we have here at Fife Zoo is incredible exciting and after appointing a contractor to complete the works, it’s been really rewarding to see our long-awaited expansion get underway. We spent some time breaking ground at the zoo in late March and have already mapped out the foundations for the expansion project.”

At Fife Zoo we are committed to the conservation of threatened wildlife species and our
expansion will allow us to increase the size of the role we play in European breeding programmes for endangered animals. Each of the animals arriving as part of our expansion have a significant conservation value and we look forward to educating guests about the actions they can take to help safeguard wildlife from extinction.