Make a donation to Fife Zoo

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for small businesses all over the U.K. making it very challenging for them to survive. We are no different at Fife Zoo.

Unfortunately, we cannot simply lock the doors and stay at home. The zoo is home to a wide range of fascinating species, big and small, who need round-the-clock heading, food and care. By supporting us you are contributing directly to the welfare and care of them during this difficult time.

By making a donation to Fife Zoo, you’re helping to conserve and protect the world’s most at-risk species, as well as the animals who call Fife Zoo home.

It costs us around £75 per day to heat the zoo and keep the lights on. This includes powering the borehole for our water.
It costs us around £43 per day to feed all of the animals currently at the zoo.
It costs us around £62 per day to pay a member of staff to feed and look after the animals.
A £5 donation can feed the meerkats for a day.
A £10 donation can keep our animal medications stocked for a week.
A £15 donation can feed the zebras for a day.
A £350 donation would cover us for a vet visit, should we need one.
Any support is appreciated!