Africafé at Fife Zoo.

Right next to the main entrance there are loads of options whether you’re looking for a relaxing cuppa or a bite to eat.

Our unique, eco-friendly African coffee shop has a wide selection of coffee and teas, plus delicious freshly made lunches, cakes and snacks.

Fife Zoo AfriCafe

Healthy, tasty & freshly made

We’re committed to protecting the environment, so you can be sure that all of the food that we sell is ethically sourced and, if possible, locally made.

  • Our coffee is triple-certified
  • You won’t find any single-use plastics
  • We use certified palm oil in our products
  • All our takeaway and disposable products are 100% compostable
  • Our eggs are free range
  • Our apple and orange juice cartons are Fairtrade

“The existing café is outstanding and very sustainably minded. Suppliers have been thoroughly vetted and vegan menus and other aspects are really cutting edge.” – Jon Procter, Green Tourism Assessor.

See some of the tasty treats available on the Africafé menu


While you are enjoying a delicious treat, your little monkey’s can enjoy themselves as well…

Our outdoor play area is guaranteed to please even the most energetic little explorer. Filled with fun, the play area is located just outside of Africafé and in full view of the café’s seating area.

Children love to play outside and this is a great place for them to do just that. Our play area is surrounded wonderful wild flowers and plants allowing children to enjoy more of the outdoors while visiting Fife Zoo.

Our outdoor play area is suitable for both toddlers (with adult supervision) and older children as well.


Africafé LIVE!

We’re streaming LIVE from the heart of Africa every day!

The Balule Game Reserve shares an open border with Kruger National Park and is part of an open conserved area of approximately 7 million acres. This huge ecosystem is home to Africa’s “Big 5”: Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Buffalos & Leopards, as well as giraffes, zebras, hippos & hyaenas!

Let us know what you see using #AfricafeLIVE





Allergy Advice

Our restaurant is fully vegetarian with an extensive vegan menu. Please ask our staff if you have any allergy concerns.