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Saving Species


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From tigers to orang-utans. Pangolins to polar bears. Fin whales to bees… There are so many incredible species that need saving!

Join vet, conservationist and children’s TV presenter Dr Jess French on a trip around the world to meet 38 of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet.

From the animals we all know and love, like tigers, polar bears, orangutans and rhinos, to the less familiar pangolin, kakapo and vaquita. See these amazing creatures up close in their natural habitats like never before.

Visit jungles, mountains, rivers and coral reefs and learn about the threats to these species’ survival. As well as the remarkable conservation efforts that are being undertaken to save them.

Illustrated in a stunning graphic artwork style, this beautiful Saving Species gift book is sure to inspire future conservationists and animal lovers of all ages.