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Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue


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Wild Tribe Heroes Books

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Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue – Buddy the Orangutan lives happily in the tangle of tall trees. He suddenly encounters the diggers destroying his magnificent rainforest home. Brave Buddy gets more than he bargained for. He needs help from his rescuers to ensure a happy ending. Buddy’s Rainforest Rescue is based on true events and it is this powerful message which invites people to question the impact of palm oil and deforestation on our environment. There is a huge growing national and international consciousness about the dangers of palm oil as well as deforestation. It is important to teach children about this devastating global issue without shocking them. The Wild Tribe Heroes series of books guides young readers through the issues in a gentle and friendly way together with further information to inspire children to make changes to their own and their families lives.