We’re Continuously Developing . . .

As you can imagine, the construction of a 21st-century zoo is a huge undertaking.

We’re working as fast as we can to build everything from education classrooms in our Discovery Center,  to purpose-built animal housing and exhibits. We’ve had a few set backs along the way. Due to recent events we’ve sadly lost our beloved Sloth Play (our Indoor soft play center). But, fear not we never give up!

We are now having to get really inventive to survive the winter months. We know that we have your continued support, which keeps us pushing on.

Africafe is getting a BIG make over! This includes a new restaurant menu, extended opening hours and brand new, cosy African theme. Plus, the most exciting bit, we are adding more animals!! Our Grounds and Construction team along with volunteers are putting in all the hours to create a mini tropical haven here in Africafe’s entrance.

But that’s not everything… Whilst that is going on, we are building our brand new lemur walkthrough ready to be opening in October 2020. Although the walkthrough section of the exhibit will be unable to open due to the current COVID-19 guidelines, our troop of Ring-tailed lemurs will be out exploring their new habitat.

Why not pop along and experience the first section of Fife Zoo now!

Lemurs eating breakfast