At Fife Zoo we like to take care of our local wildlife. Since moving on site we have created several wildlife biodiversity hotspots, through providing suitable habitats, in the form of bug hotels, wildflower gardens, ponds, hedgehog boxes and bird boxes.

We are lucky enough to have a resident bat roost on site which we believe houses over 80 common pipistrelle bats.

Since summer 2015 we have seen a rise in a variety of bird species onsite from starlings, and other garden species, to Oyster catchers and birds of prey. On a wet evening the grounds come alive with an insane amount of amphibian life.

We encourage all who visit us to always tread lightly and respect our resident wildlife. Keep an eye out for anything interesting, if you see anything exciting on or around Fife Zoo, please let us know. We love to hear from you!