Hello There!

Opening in July 2019, Fife Zoo is a small zoo offering visitors the chance to go nose-to-nose with some of the world’s most endangered and least understood species!

Join us on this wild adventure…

There’s 3 things we’re passionate about at Fife Zoo. That’s conservation, education and the environment. And if we can give you an exciting visit at the same time, we’re happy!

We work as part of a large network of zoos, safari parks and aquariums from around the world to ensure the survival of the species we care for.

Our Mission is:

“To promote the conservation of biodiversity through education, research and our own passion for the natural world.”


2020 and 2021 have been an incredibly difficult time for us and many other small businesses. Unfortunately, we cannot simply lock the doors and stay at home. The zoo is home to a wide range of fascinating species, big and small, who need round-the-clock heading, food and care. By supporting us you have contributed directly to the welfare and care of them during this difficult time.

We cannot say “Thank You” enough to everybody who was able to support us during this difficult time and into the future.

Soft Play Fire (2020)

Unfortunately, just 6 days after reopening from the first national lockdown in July, we experienced a devastating fire which destroyed Sloth Play, our indoor soft play area. This caused hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage and also damaged the roof of our Discovery and Learning Centre.

The Future

This has been hugely damaging to our progress, but we’re hoping to put this behind us and carry on with our adventure. We’re always expanding and looking forward to welcoming new animals to the zoo in the coming months. Watch this space…